A trial run by Light engine 27939 was carried out in newly constructed link line from New Ahraura Road Station to Jeonathpur Station of Indian Railway on 15.02.24. The link line length is 4.3 Km +2.8 Km including Jeonathpur yard.
To check the readiness, the motor trolley Inspection was carried out and thereafter light engine was departed at 11:35 which was received at Jeonathpur station at 11:58. Further, the light engine was again departed from Jeonathpur at 12:50.
An empty rake named as EN/09 of 58 BOXNHL also run via link line ARWN-JEP on same day at 14:00 hrs and received at 14:30 Hrs in Jeonathpur Station.
Patna, and Vyasnagar based train trains which were made over earlier via Bhaupur, Shujatpur to Indian Railway will be moved now from New Ahraura Road station of dedicated freight corridor will be handed over directly to Jeonathpur station. This connection will


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