Dr. Manas Kumar Sharma (Director, E&D), OIL, and Shri Ashok Das (Director, HR), OIL, recently visited Oil India Limited’s Gabon Project Office in Libreville, accompanied by other senior officials of OIL. The delegation meticulously reviewed the ongoing pre-drilling activities and provided strategic guidance for the project’s subsequent steps, emphasizing the importance of efficiency, innovation, and cross-border collaboration.

During their visit, the delegation, along with officials of the Gabon Project, made an official visit to the office of DGH (Direction Generale Des Hydrocarbures) Gabon. They engaged in fruitful discussions with the Director General of DGH, Mr. Ernest NDONG NGUEMA, and the Director of Economic & Legal Affairs, DGH, Mr. Tristan Pamphile ZOLO TOMO. The delegation expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support and cooperation in the Shakthi-II Block exploration. The productive meeting underscored the strong partnership between OIL and DGH.

Additionally, the delegation had the privilege of visiting the Honorary Consulate of Gabon in India, Mr. John Rupchandani. This visit aimed to further strengthen bilateral relations and explore future collaboration opportunities. The discussions highlighted the mutual commitment to advancing the Gabon Project and fostering a robust relationship between the two nations.


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