Speaking to the Engineers, the President emphasized that as budding engineers, they recognize the perils of climate change and global warming and the ensuing necessity to embrace energy-efficient solutions. Structures, thoroughfares, and other infrastructure they craft must embody sustainability, energy efficiency, and eco-friendliness. They ought to exhibit ingenuity in their methodologies to adeptly confront emerging hurdles. She noted that in the era of three-dimensional printing, construction technology has undergone a profound transformation. Infrastructure and building ventures can now be tailored to align with climate goals and energy conservation. Ecological construction practices are imperative in the current milieu. Progressive construction techniques hold the promise of revolutionizing this sector. Through meticulous design, they can transcend the confines of traditional building practices. Their mandate is not only to expedite construction timelines but also to curtail waste by optimizing resource utilization.

The President counseled young engineers against working in isolation but rather advocated for a collaborative, forward-thinking, and technology-centric approach. She highlighted that novel and burgeoning technologies like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, robotics, drones, and others are reshaping conventional paradigms. Nevertheless, these innovations can be harnessed to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, bolster productivity, and refine resource allocation. She implored them to pursue excellence and contribute meaningfully towards forging a greener, more sustainable future.


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