In the last few weeks, I have had the good fortune of visiting institutes headed by women: Gujarat University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and this place. My belief that women are more powerful than men is getting strengthened every day.Women directors are tougher than man directors. You will remember them during the course and afterwards for two different reasons: during the course, their being very harsh. After you graduate, you will be remembering them very pleasantly; they strengthen you to that extent, temper you like steel.

The event marks a significant milestone for IIM-Bodh Gaya as it is the first convocation ceremony at the recently inaugurated campus of the Institute defining changing profile of development and growth of this country.

Chairperson Udai Kotak, a luminary in Indian banking, bears unimpeachable credentials to be in this position. He draws respect both for his depth of knowledge, intellectual integrity and ever  readiness to stand for the cause of the nation.

I firmly believe that education is the most impactful, transformative mechanism of societal change that realises equality and dispenses inequities. You all are fortunate beneficiaries of quality education.

Guest of Honour Shri Amitabh Kant, an IAS officer, a Chevening Scholar is an outstanding achiever. He is deeply  involved with evolution and execution of public policies in his several capacities including as CEO Niti Ayog- our own think tank. His books ‘Branding India-An Incredible Story,’ and ‘The Elephant Moves: are in a sense reflection of his contributions.

His prestigious positioning as G20 Sherpa of India during its Presidency year would ever be acknowledged as exemplary performance. The passage was mined by fault lines and at end of the day all went well. Among other aspects G20 enhanced our soft diplomacy powers and prowess. 

Friends! Your institute is in perfect setting. Bodh Gaya, a site of spiritual importance and the land where the great Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Bodh Gaya holds a special place in the collective consciousness of humanity.

As we gather here today, let us draw inspiration from the teachings of Lord Buddha and strive to emulate his message of love and compassion in our lives. The message is more relevant now than ever before.

My congratulations to the graduating students at this 6th convocation.This day marks a significant milestone in your journey. I am so delighted and happy that the track record of this institution is outstanding when it comes to placements. The address of the chairperson indicated the fun foundation has been laid of this institution and it is amongst one of the best in the country.

Friends, the convocation ceremony holds immense significance in the life of every student. It is a moment of pride and accomplishment not only for the graduates but also for their families, teachers, and mentors who have supported and guided them throughout their journey.

This moment marks a stepping stone for your entry into the wider world—a world that is filled with endless possibilities and opportunities.

Friend- Bharat today is no longer a nation with just a potential or a sleeping giant. It is on the rise as never before. The rise of Bharat is unstoppable. All this is to your great advantage. You are fortunate as an enabling governance ecosystem and stable economy fundamentals offering you a platform for  unleashing your talent and energy. Perfectsetting for realising your aspirations and dreams. 

All of you my friend are very lucky to be part of the marathon march towards the goal of Viksit Bharat@2047! Some of us may not be around, but it will be gratifying for everyone to ensure that by 2047, Bharat will be the pinnacle of the world!


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