In line with THDCIL India Limited’s unwavering commitment to
enhance the health and well-being of its workforce, a two-day marathon of 10 KM organized
at THDC India Limited at its Corporate Office, Rishikesh along with all the projects and unit
offices. This initiative underlines the company’s dedication to prioritize the health of its
workforce and upholding the principles of employee wellness.
On this occasion Sh. R. K. Vishnoi, Chairman and Managing Director, THDCIL emphasized
the marathon’s aim of prioritizing employee health, fostering a healthy work-life balance,
and boosting morale. He highlighted that by encouraging participation in the marathon,
THDCIL not only promotes physical fitness but also cultivates camaraderie and team spirit
among employees. These efforts contribute to a healthy workforce and reinforce the
company’s ethos of caring for its employees beyond the workplace.
Sh. Shallinder Singh, Director (Personnel), while inaugurating the marathon at the
Corporate Office, Rishikesh, commended THDCIL’s proactive approach to employee health
and welfare, acknowledging the unique experience the marathon offers. He stressed on the
paramount importance of prioritizing employee well-being and underscored the company’s
ongoing commitment to employee welfare. He encouraged all employees to embrace a
positive lifestyle and highlighted THDCIL’s leadership in implementing exemplary HR

Sh. Singh emphasized THDCIL’s role as a leader and role model in promoting various pro-
employee initiatives, with this marathon being one among series of such HR initiatives aimed

at promoting work-life balance and fostering a positive work environment.
He underscored the significance of such initiatives in enhancing employee welfare and
reaffirmed THDCIL’s dedication to motivating employees and achieving organizational
objectives through a series of best HR practices and initiatives.
The marathon serves as a collective step towards a healthier lifestyle for the entire THDC
family, reflecting the organization’s dedication to employee health and well-being.


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