This year’s conclave focused on analysing two vital areas – the Foreign and Economic policies of India and the efficient intersection of Law and Technology in the context of India’s goals for the future. The conclave brought together thought leaders from the fields of law, policy and technology and discuss strategies through which the vision for 2047 can be achieved.

Ms. Shruti Iyer, Founding Partner, SA Law stated that, through Vichaar, the intent is to foster such collaboration and to analyse and provide suggestions on the existing policies and regulatory framework.

The first panel discussion facilitated a dialogue between experts of the panel on India’s Law, Foreign and Economic Policies in light of the recent geopolitical events and discussed over various issues of national and international significance.

The panellists were optimistic about India’s foreign and economic policy and suggested some corrective measures which may be taken by the government. Mr. Anandh K, Managing Partner, SA Law spoke about the legislative and judicial reforms required in the future for the growth of our country.

With the insights of various industry experts, the second panel discussion analysed the impact of integration of law and technology on the overall business environment in the country and simplification of regulatory/ compliance mechanism to foster a better future. The speakers were optimistic about the ease of doing business in India and the overall business environment in the country. They also suggested some changes in the regulatory landscape as well as amendments to some laws which can aid in this cause.


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