Shri Sanjay Kumar, Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy (DoSEL), Ministry of Education, held a meeting with H.E. Mr. Denis Gribov, Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation on mutual collaboration in various fields of education between the two countries. Additional Secretary, Shri Anandrao V. Patil; Joint Secretaries Smt. Archana Sharma Awasthi, Smt. Amarpreet Duggal, Smt. Neeta Prasad, Smt. Prachi Pandey; and other officials of the Ministry were also present at the meeting

Shri Sanjay Kumar emphasised the vastness of the Indian education system and highlighted the main features of the NEP 2020. He also mentioned how the component of skill education has been introduced since Class VI following the recommendations of the Policy. He also mentioned about the emphasis on experiential learning, new assessment procedures, policies for gifted children etc.

H.E. Mr. Denis Gribov highlighted the features of Russian education system and mentioned how special emphasis is given to assessing of students for guiding them on their preferred stream of education, specific grading systems, etc. He also showed interest in teaching the Russian language in Indian institutions and Teachers’ exchange programmes.

The Russian delegation sought guidance on implementing value education as recommended in the NEP 2020 in their country and received invaluable insights from Shri Sanjay Kumar, who informed them on the role of NCERT in developing appropriate content for the same. Smt. Neeta Prasad emphasised the mutual collaboration between the two countries during the G20 Indian Presidency and showed keen interest in taking it forward. She requested the delegation to share a concept note so that further actions can be initiated towards the Teachers’ exchange programme and language teaching. Shri Patil elaborated on the role of technology in the county’s education system. Smt. Awasthi informed the delegation on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) and how emphasis is given to teaching in the mother tongue and local languages. Smt. Prachi Pandey explained about the skill education among students from Class VI and do that they can be imparted one skill by they pass class 12th.


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