The severe cyclonic storm “REMAL,” which developed in the Central Bay of Bengal, made landfall at midnight on 26thMay 24. SCS REMAL, the first cyclone of the year in the Bay of Bengal, originated as a low-pressure area on May 22 and intensified into a severe cyclonic storm by 26thMay, heading towards the coast of West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Headquarters, Coast Guard Region (NE), led the pre-emptive preparations to respond to the developing catastrophic situation. Proactive surveillance and the diversion of the entire merchant fleet from the cyclone’s path within a short window of opportunity were ensured by ICG ships, aircraft, and shore-based surveillance systems. Broadcasts by the Remote Operating Stations Haldia and Paradip played a pivotal role in alerting fishing boats and all other transiting merchant vessels. The timely clearing of the cyclone’s path resulted in no loss of life or property at sea. Once again, the Indian Coast Guard upheld its motto, “WE PROTECT.”

The ICG has worked in synergy with State and Central agencies, taking all inputs and working in close coordination to accomplish this Herculean task. Upon landfall of the cyclone, ICG Ship Varad sailed out from Paradip for post-cyclone assessment. Two ICG Dornier aircrafts also took off from Bhubaneswar, carried out complete surveillance in the North Bay of Bengal, and confirmed no loss of life or property at sea from the severe cyclone REMAL.


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