The Railway’s Central Hospital will be inaugurated in the month of March this year on the occasion of the 100 glorious years of its establishment. Celebrating its centenary During this time, a special awareness camp is being organized in the Central Hospital on every working day throughout the month of March. In this sequence, an awareness camp was organized on the topic “High Blood Pressure and Coronary Artery Disease” on March 11. The camp was inaugurated by Central Medical Director Dr. SK Handu. The main speaker of this program was subject expert Additional Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. Mrityunjay Kumar. He said that modern lifestyles like fast food, lack of nutrition in food, hectic lifestyles, night awakenings, and lack of adequate sleep are mainly responsible for suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease. He also said that if symptoms appear, one should immediately consult a specialist doctor. He also stressed that people after the age of 40 must get themselves checked at regular intervals. He also appealed to people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and spread awareness on this subject. In the camp, Additional Chief Medical Director Dr. Usha Yadav (Pathology Expert) conducted the forum this time too, like before, and advised the consumption of medicines only after proper examination on the advice of the expert. During this camp, Additional Chief Medical Director Dr. Manju Lata Handu, Additional Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. Reena Aggarwal, Additional Chief Medical Director Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. S.S. Nayak, and Senior Divisional Medical Officer Pediatrician Dr. Anurag Yadav also shared the stage and shared their views. – Your knowledge and experience were kept among the people. In making this camp successful, Chief Nursing Superintendent Mrs. Modesta Topno, Sita Rani Gupta, Sumanti, Chief Pharmacist Mr. Rajkumar, Satyendra Kumar, and health education broadcaster Mr. Shravan Kumar played an important role.


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