Mr. R. K. Vishnoi, the Chairman and Managing Director of THDC India Limited, disclosed that officials from the Ministry of Power, Government of India, conducted an official language examination at both the corporate office and the Koteshwar unit of THDC India Limited. Leading this inspection initiative were officials from the Ministry of Power, namely Shri Karmchand, Director (EC, ET and Official Language), and Assistant Director (Official Language), Shri Sushil Kumar.

Mr. Vishnoi underscored the endeavors of the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Official Language, towards the comprehensive integration of Hindi at the governmental level. He emphasized the issuance of periodic guidelines to be adhered to at all levels. Highlighting the pivotal role of Hindi in fostering national unity and advancing national interests, Mr. Vishnoi advocated for its complete adoption.

During the inauguration of the inspection program, Shri Shailendra Singh, Director (Personnel) of THDC India Limited, extended a warm welcome to the Ministry of Power officials by presenting them with a floral bouquet and shawl. He expressed optimism that such inspections would strengthen the rapport between Ministry of Power officials and the official language representatives of THDC India Limited, thus enhancing the implementation of the official language within the corporation. Stressing the importance of Hindi, Mr. Singh emphasized the necessity for maximum usage of the language among all employees. He urged every employee to embrace Hindi as the primary language in their governmental duties, citing it as a significant step towards promoting Hindi and nation-building.

Present at the inspection program from the corporate office were Shri Veer Singh, Chief General Manager (Honand Admin.), Mr. Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Deputy Manager (Official Language), Mr. Naresh Singh, Assistant Officer (Hindi), and Mrs. Hemlata Kaur, Junior Officer (Translation). From the Koteshwar office, Dr. A. N. Tripathi, General Manager (Honand Adm.), Shri Indra Ram Negi, Manager (Official Language), and Ms. Bani Shukla, Senior Hindi Officer, were present. Additionally, other Ministry of Power officials, including Mrs. Meenu and Shri Saurav Thakur, Junior Translation Officers, along with Ms. Medhana, were in attendance.

During the inspection, Mr. Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Deputy Manager (Official Language), presented an overview of the official language-related activities within THDC India Limited to the Ministry of Power officials. The officials commended THDC’s efforts in this area and provided constructive suggestions to further enhance the implementation of the official language.


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