Big step to revolutionize skill education in Delhi, Kejriwal Govt opens state-of-the-art Welding and Robotics Lab at H J Bhabha ITI Mayur Vihar

Technical Education Minister Atishi inaugurates Advanced Welding and Robotics Lab at H J Bhabha ITI Mayur Vihar

Lab has top-notch equipment for robotic welding arms, plasma welding, and virtual reality welding simulators, catering to various world-class machines

This cutting-edge ITI lab surpasses private institution labs; Our youth will now acquire skills using top-notch machines- Technical Education Minister Atishi

World-class equipment and facilities provided in the new Welding and Robotics lab will open the door to many new opportunities for students studying here- Technical Education Minister Atishi

Through world-class education and exposure, our students have gained confidence. I can proudly say that students from our ITI are second to none- Technical Education Minister Atishi

Kejriwal Govt aims to provide Delhi youth with skills that will not only benefit them but will boost the country’s economic growth- Technical Education Minister Atishi

Education in ITIs is not just limited to books, students require more and more exposure; this modern lab will make students skilled, job-ready, market-ready, and industry-ready- Technical Education Minister Atishi

During the inauguration, Technical Education Minister Atishi also met ITI ambassadors who have been entrusted with the responsibility of motivating more students to opt for skill education


Technical Education Minister Atishi inaugurated a one-of-a-kind Advanced Welding Technology & Robotics Lab at ITI Mayur Vihar on Thursday. This lab has been established as a Centre of Excellence in Welding Technology with the objective to develop and create state-of-the-art infrastructure for preparing a globally recognized competent workforce in the field of welding. The lab has top-notch equipment for robotic welding arms, plasma welding, and virtual reality welding simulators, catering to various world-class machines

During the inauguration, the Technical Education Minister also met ambassadors of ITIs, who have been appointed to promote skilling and make skilling aspirational amongst school students. These ambassadors also motivate female students to pursue ITI courses so that they can make their place in the field of technical education.

While addressing the students and faculty of Homi Bhabha ITI, Technical Education Minister Atishi said, “The world-class equipment and facilities provided in this Welding and Robotics lab will open the door to many new opportunities for students studying here. I don’t think that the facilities provided to the students here in this lab can be seen anywhere in private colleges. In this new lab, our students will get an opportunity to try their hands on the equipment which are being used in the industries at present.”

She added that it has always been a priority of the Delhi Government to provide the best quality education to students studying in our institutions. “I met many students here who have passed out from Delhi Government Schools, which has undergone a major transformation in the past 10 years. Earlier government schools used to be the second choice for parents and children. Children used to dream of studying in private schools. But today, Delhi government schools have surpassed private schools on every parameter,” she said.

Technical Education Minister further said, “I am happy to see that those students from Delhi Government schools have brought with themselves a very positive confidence. Today I can confidently say that our Delhi Government schools students and ITI students are no less than anyone. Students at these places are getting world-class education and exposure.”

Ms. Atishi added that as all the students studying here know that their education process is slightly different and is not limited to only books. ITI students need the best of the best equipment in their labs to practice. As much exposure they will get to these machines, they will become skilled, job-ready, market-ready, and industry-ready.

Sharing advice with the students, the Technical Education Minister said, “As students sitting here will pass out from here, they will become part of Delhi as well as the country’s economic growth. Whatever skills they are learning here will not only give a better future to them but will also give a better future to the country. So all the students here must prepare themselves for the future with this sense of responsibility.”

She also shared that the Delhi Government from this year is introducing ‘Business Blasters Seniors’ for all university and ITI students. Through this program, students will have an opportunity to establish their startups. I am confident that after this, we will get many global-level startups. In the coming times, our ITI students will not be ‘job seekers’ anymore; instead, they will become job providers.

What is the newly established Advanced Welding and Robotics Lab in ITI Mayur Vihar

The Advanced Welding Technology & Robotics Lab at ITI Mayur Vihar is equipped with inverter-based Arc Welding power sources, covering various welding processes like Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW). The lab also features an air-conditioned Virtual Welding Simulator system, allowing trainees to learn welding virtually under quasi-realistic conditions, reducing training consumables’ resource expenditure and enabling iterative practice for skill improvement. Additionally, the facility includes a Robotic Welding section to provide practical exposure to robotic welding systems, covering calibration, tool payload, logic usage, and gripper programming. Other amenities include an air-conditioned Audio-Visual Classroom, Trainees Changing Room, Centralized Welding Gas System, and Fire Safety Equipment.

To extend exposure to these cutting-edge technologies to ITI students in the Welder trade at ITI Mayur Vihar and other Government ITIs in Delhi, the lab has been established at H J Bhabha ITI, Mayur Vihar. This initiative addresses the evolving nature of welding processes in industries, emphasizing the increasing shift towards automated and robotic methods. The lab’s comprehensive features ensure that students not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also gain practical skills through hands-on experiences with advanced welding practices, virtual simulations, and robotic welding systems.


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