The National Telecommunications Institute for Policy Research, Innovation, and Training (NTIPRIT), a division of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) situated in Ghaziabad, recently organized a two-day seminar titled “Harnessing 5G: Exploring Use Case Laboratories and Pre-Commissioning Preparation” at IIT Gandhinagar. This notable gathering was inaugurated by Ms. Mona Khandhar, Principal Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat. Over 100 attendees from 18 institutions in the Western region actively engaged in the seminar. The seminar aimed to foster creativity in 5G technology applications, with a specific focus on establishing one hundred 5G use case laboratories across India, backed by the DoT. Alongside IIT Gandhinagar, these laboratories will be set up in 18 institutions across the Western Region. Led by the Standards-R&D-Innovation (SRI) division at DoT headquarters, the policy formulation, execution, and skill enhancement aspects concerning these laboratories are being meticulously handled to ensure prompt installation and efficient utilization by faculty, students, and startup communities. These laboratories are part of the 100 5G laboratories being established nationwide, as announced during the India Mobile Congress held in October last year. During her speech, Ms. Mona Khandhar emphasized the significance of devising applications for optimal utilization of 5G networks and urged for the swift establishment of the 100 5G Laboratories. She stressed the importance of enhanced collaboration among academic institutions to leverage these laboratories effectively, while commending the DoT for its proactive approach to their establishment.

Professor Amit Prashant, Dean of Research and Development at IIT Gandhinagar, underscored the importance of innovation and applauded this initiative for its potential societal impact. Furthermore, Shri Robert Ravi, Deputy Director General (SRI) at DoT, and Shri Atul Sinha, Deputy Director General at NTIPRIT, also imparted their insights to the participants. Throughout the seminar, various potential applications of 5G were showcased by startups and industry representatives such as M/s RJIO, M/s Elena Geo Systems, M/s CEQU Labs, M/s QPiAI India Pvt Limited, and M/s Finnara Technologies Pvt Limited, covering sectors including enterprises, education, agriculture, healthcare, and online commerce. Discussions were held among faculty members from IIT Gandhinagar, engineering colleges in the Western Region, industry representatives, researchers, students, and DoT officials. The event concluded with a panel discussion featuring Shri Ajatshatru Somani, Additional Director General Telecom Gujarat LSA; Shri Atul Sinha, Deputy Director General at NTIPRIT; Shri Robert Ravi, Deputy Director General (SRI) at DoT; Professor Sameer Kulkarni from IIT Gandhinagar; Shri Sanjay, General Manager at TCIL; and Shri Rajesh Gupta, Deputy Director General (Wireless Access) at NTIPRIT.


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