North Central Railway has earned Rs.296.03 Crore against the target of Rs 290 Crore from scrap disposal in financial year 2023-24. This is the record of highest scrap sale ever in the history of North Central Railway. This is Rs 30.66 Crore more than Rs 265.37 crore in the previous financial year 2022-23. The scrap sale of Rs 159.24 Crore by Deputy Chief Material Management/System and Jhansi Workshop has played an important role In achieving the above target.

Under the leadership and guidance of Shri Ravinder Goyal, General Manager, North Central Railway, the depots and divisions together disposed off, various types of scrap including condemned wagons, coaches, water tanks, steel structures, non-ferrous etc. North Central Railway has always given priority to scrap disposal and its periodical review has been done at the highest level. This has not only generated revenue but also helped in keeping the premises clean and has also freed up valuable railway land for the use of the Railways.

North Central Railway is committed to keep its premises clean and safe while achieving the target of zero scrap and creating the record of highest sales.


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