The launch of ‘Ammunition Cum Torpedo Cum Missile Barge, LSAM 20 (Yard 130)’,  6th Barge of 11 x ACTCM Barge Project, built by MSME Shipyard, M/s Suryadipta Projects Pvt Ltd, Thane for Indian Navy, was undertaken on 29 Apr 24 at M/s Suryadipta Project Pvt. Ltd. (launch site of M/s SPPL). The launching Ceremony was presided over by Shri Madhusudan Bhui, INAS, GM NAD (Karanja). 

The contract for building 11 x ACTCM Barge was signed between MoD and M/s Suryadipta Projects Pvt Ltd, Thane on 05 Mar 21. The availability of these Barges would provide impetus to operational commitments of IN by facilitating Transportation, Embarkation and Disembarkation of articles/ ammunition to IN Ships both alongside jetties and at outer harbours.

These Barges are indigenously designed and built under relevant Naval Rules and Regulation of Indian Register of Shipping. The model testing of the Barge during the design stage was undertaken at the Naval Science and Technological Laboratory, Visakhapatnam. These Barges are proud flag bearers of Make in India initiative of Government of India (GoI).


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