The four-day Interactive Workshop for Senior Officers from THDC India Limited and SJVN Limited concluded today in Trivandrum, Kerala. Sh. R. K. Vishnoi, Chairman and Managing Director, THDC India Limited, stated that this collaborative workshop aimed to enhance vigilance practices, promote knowledge sharing, and implement best practices across both organizations. Sh. Vishnoi also emphasized the pivotal role of vigilance in organizational growth, emphasizing transparency and integrity. He highlighted its criticality in ensuring effectiveness and ethical conduct, aligning with the THDCIL’s growth trajectory. The closing ceremony was graced by Dr. T.K. Vinod Kumar, Director, Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau of Kerala, and Sh. Prem Prakash, Chief Vigilance Officer (THDCIL and SJVN). Sh. Ajay Kumar Goel, Deputy CVO (THDCIL), Sh. Anil Kumar Goyal, Deputy CVO (SJVN), and other senior officials were also present on the occasion. During the closing ceremony, Sh. Kumar emphasized the perpetual duty of vigilance within organizations and stressed the CVO’s role in ensuring transparency and integrity. He provided insights into corrupt practices, along with an emphasis on clear investigations and adherence to legality. He also highlighted the importance of familiarity with the Prevention of Corruption Act and the role of a legal advisor. Sh. Prem Prakash, Chief Vigilance Officer (SJVN and THDCIL), while addressing the participants of the workshop, emphasized the vital role of vigilance in organizational functioning. He encouraged all vigilant officers to adopt best practices in their roles. This interactive workshop saw participation from 45 vigilance officers from both organizations, fostering a culture of vigilance and integrity across the board.


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