Panipat, India – April 29, 2024 – Ms. Sukla Mistry, Director (Refineries) of IndianOil, visited the Panipat Refinery & Petrochemical Complex (PRPC) on April 28, 2024, to personally commend and felicitate the team members behind the groundbreaking achievement of the All-Women Run 3G Ethanol & Butene-1 units. Since their inception in July 2023, these units, under the stewardship of Mr. ML Dahriya, Executive Director & Refinery Head, PRPC, have operated marking a significant milestone in the history of the Corporation. Ms. Mistry praised the women engineers for their dedication and professionalism, emphasizing that their success has redefined excellence in the oil refining industry. As an advocate for gender equality, Ms. Mistry highlighted Indian Oil’s commitment to empowering its women workforce. Under the guidance of Mr. SM Vaidya, Chairman, IndianOil, this initiative not only signifies inclusivity but also underscores the company’s dedication to shaping a brighter, more equitable future. The 3G Ethanol Plant at Panipat Refinery, utilizing off-gases to produce ethanol, stands as a testament to innovation and sustainability. Additionally, the Butene-1 unit’s production of high-purity Butene-1 plays a crucial role in various industrial applications. Highlighting the operational excellence, Ms. Mistry mentioned that a team of seven women engineers has been managing round-the-clock operations of the 3G Ethanol Plant, while a team of four women engineers independently handle all shift operations of the Butene-1 Unit. IndianOil’s pioneering initiative not only sets a new benchmark in the industry but also inspires women in STEM fields globally.


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