In a resolute demonstration of maritime security commitment, the Indian Coast Guard intercepted and apprehended a fishing vessel “Jay Malhar” alongwith 05 crew engaged in illegal diesel smuggling of Maharashtra coast. Acting swiftly on int input Indian Coast Guard Ship intercepted the vessel discovering approximately 25 tons of unaccounted diesel (valued approx ₹ 27 lakhs) concealed in fish hold alongwith small quantity of banned narcotic substance.

The apprehended vessel, along with its crew, were escorted to Mumbai harbour for further investigation by Police, Customs and Fisheries department. The crew revealed that they had already sold 5000 ltrs of fuel to fishermen at sea. This successful operation marks another significant crackdown on diesel smuggling at sea by the Indian Coast Guard, with a total of 55,000 ltrs of unaccounted diesel seized in the last three days alone. The ICG reiterates its unwavering commitment to combating illegal activities in maritime domain, emphasizing the importance of prompt and coordinated actions in safeguarding India’s maritime interests and securing coastal borders.


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