The Indian Armed Forces, alongside the Jammu & Kashmir Law Enforcement, are currently engaged in a collaborative training endeavor at the White Knight Corps Battle School in Bhalra, Doda, commencing on March 19, 2024.

This joint effort is geared towards enhancing synchronization and collective operational prowess of both entities.

For a span exceeding three decades, these establishments have stood shoulder to shoulder in combating terrorism.

Prominent combined endeavors like the successful anti-terrorism interventions in Pulwama and the strategic containment in Sopore are clear demonstrations of their synergistic excellence.

These maneuvers have not only disrupted terrorist activities but have also reinstated lawfulness, paving the path for tranquility and steadiness.

The present cohort of trainees comprises 62 Deputy Superintendents of Police and over 1000 Police Sub Inspectors, with a noteworthy representation of women in both capacities.

The training regimen emphasizes operational strategies, intelligence exchange, and counter-terrorism methodologies, drawing upon the vast experience of the Indian Armed Forces in these domains.

This collaborative training underscores an enduring dedication to the security and welfare of the local populace. It signifies a step towards a future wherein the alignment of the Indian Armed Forces and Jammu & Kashmir Law Enforcement assumes a central role in upholding peace and safeguarding Jammu and Kashmir.

The bravery and sacrifices of both forces in adverse circumstances have been pivotal in upholding national security.

The synergy fostered during training will facilitate the restoration of peace and normalcy in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir. Additionally, it will empower the Jammu and Kashmir Law Enforcement to emerge as a more proficient and well-prepared force.

This amalgamated training initiative is anticipated to reinforce this partnership, leading to even more efficacious counter-terrorism endeavors.


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