Lakshmi Bai, the brave queen of Jhansi, inaugurated an eight-wheeler tower wagon at the Jhansi Railway Station.

On April 29, 2024, Mandal Railway Manager Mr. Deepak Kumar Sinha inaugurated a new eight-wheeler tower wagon at the Veerangana Lakshmi Bai Railway Station. This tower wagon, built by ICF Chennai, is capable of reaching a speed of 110 KMPH. It is known that whenever a train accident occurs, the overhead electric lines along with the railway tracks suffer the most damage. This disrupts the arrival of trains. Railways typically start operations by fixing these, but in the event of overhead electric line breakage or damage, it is essential for a diesel-electric tower wagon to reach the site promptly for repairs. These tower wagons are capable of inspecting active lines along with major measurements of OHE parameters, capturing faulty equipment, repairing damaged OHE, reinstalling equipment, installing masts, and laying wires in the catenary and contact systems.

Tower wagons are crucial for ensuring track safety, maintaining and inspecting OHE, and reaching desired locations quickly. This eight-wheeler diesel-electric tower car (DETC) can move in both directions on four axles. It has a driving cabin on both ends.


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