“Healthy Baby Show” camp was organized by Women Welfare Organization North Central Railway Headquarters on the occasion of centenary celebrations of Central Hospital of Railways. Three counters were made in the camp according to age groups. Children aged zero to one year are examined by pediatrician Dr. Kalpana Mishra at counter number one, children aged one to three years are examined by pediatrician Dr. Ashish Aggarwal at counter number two and children aged three to five years are examined. Tested by Dr. Reena Agarwal.
For proper nutrition of children, counseling was done by Mrs. Aparna Saxena Senior Dietician and proper advice was given. The physical development of the children was examined by Mr. Shiv Sibal Physiotherapist and Ms. Neha Bharti Senior Nursing Superintendent and advice was given on sports and proper exercise.
The mental development of the children was also examined by the infant and pediatric experts present in the camp. According to the age, the mental development (smile stone) like handling the neck, turning over, sitting, speaking etc. were also examined and appropriate advice was also given. Parents were also advised to have healthy parenting habits and zero screen time.In the “Healthy Baby Show” sponsored by Women’s Welfare Organization, prizes were also distributed by the committee headed by Mrs. Shikha Goyal, committee members – Mrs. Nupur, Renu, Supriya, Kalpana, Meena Mathur, Neelam Ajay, Jyoti and Sunita.
On this occasion, Principal Chief Medical Director of North Central Railway Dr. JP Rawat, Medical Director of Central Hospital Dr. SK Handu, Additional Chief Medical Director Dr. Manju Lata Handu, Senior Divisional Medical Officer Dr. Anurag Yadav were also present in the camp and contributed.
In organizing the above camp, Chief Nursing Superintendent of the Central Hospital, Mrs. Modista Topno, Sita Rani Gupta, Sumanti, Mr. Jitendra Verma, Senior Nursing Superintendent Tarun Jain, Chief Pharmacist Rajkumar, Senior Pharmacist Satyendra Kumar and Health Education Promoter Mr. Shravan Kumar played important rolesplayed the part.


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