Celebrates 30th Foundation Day Delhi Metro Corporation (DMRC) reached a notable milestone on May 3rd as it celebrated its 30th Foundation Day. Anurag Jain, Secretary of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH), graced the occasion, acknowledging the Delhi Metro’s substantial role as the lifeline of the city. As per the statement of DMRC, Botanical Garden Station has been honored with the prestigious Best Metro Station Award, reflecting the commitment to excellence in service and infrastructure upheld by DMRC. Dr. Vikas Kumar, the Managing Director of DMRC, joined the festivities, commemorating three decades of the Delhi metro’s transformative journey. With an extensive network spanning 393 kilometres, encompassing 12 corridors and boasting 288 stations, Delhi Metro stands as a testament to modern urban transportation infrastructure, facilitating seamless connectivity in the city.


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