Ms.Swati Singh, an Independent Consultant, and Cherryn Dogra, Chief Marketing Officer at Bharti Realty, were recognized as Communication Trailblazers for their pioneering efforts and significant impact on the field of communication. Ms.Akanksha Singhal, CEO of Akki Dokie, was lauded as a Digital Strategy Trailblazer for her innovative approaches to digital communication and marketing, while Mamta Dhingra of Lateral Sutraa was celebrated for her Digital Innovation initiatives, demonstrating creativity and effectiveness in leveraging digital platforms.

In the category of Communication Maestros, Ms.Nidhi Gulati, Head of Communications at Springer Nature Group, Ms.Akansha Jain, Head of PR & Communications at Bharatpe, and Ms.Prasidha Menon, Head of Communications for India and Southeast Asia at Airbnb, were honored for their exceptional expertise and strategic acumen in corporate communication. Ms.Jyotsna Dash Nanda, AVP of Corporate Communications at DS Group, Ms.Anu Sharma, Senior Marketing Manager at Yara Fertilizers, and Ms.PriankaKashyap, Partner at Epic Content, were recognized as Innovators in various aspects of communication, including social media engagement and content innovation.

The Rising Stars category acknowledged promising talent, including Ms.Tanvi Singhal. Manager (CC) REC , Ms.Simran Sandhu from Manav Rachna International School , , Ms.Noopur Chaturvedi, Asstt Manager ,(CC), POWER GRID Corporation of India , and Ms.KabitaPadhi, HR & PR Professional MOIL, who demonstrate exceptional potential in public relations, digital media, and corporate communication. In the Media, journalists Ms.NamrataKohli, Dr. Kala Iyer (Genesis Media), and Ms.Shalini Sharma (PSU WATCH) have been celebrated for their excellence in journalism, while Ms.Aakriti Bhargava received the Media Visionary of the Year award for her innovative contributions to media.

The Jury Special Awards were bestowed upon a distinguished group of individuals, each recognized for their exceptional achievements and contributions to their respective fields. Among the recipients is Ms.Shravani Dang, a distinguished Veteran PR Professional associated with Ms.AkkiDokie, whose expertise and experience have left an indelible mark. Ms.RuchiRatna, formerly a General Manager (CC) at NTPC, was also honored for her outstanding leadership and dedication. Ms.NirmalaMuralidhar, serving as the Head of Department at Janaki Devi Memorial College, Delhi University, exemplifies academic excellence and institutional stewardship. Ms.Parul Sharma, a renowned Journalist of seasoned expertise and Former News Editor , JANSATTA , was acknowledged for her insightful reporting and commitment to journalistic integrity.Ms.PoonamShrivastav, having served as the Public Relations Officer at JNU, received recognition for her adept management of public affairs. The accolades extended to Ms.SaraswatiChakravarty, an Independent Photo Journalist, whose captivating visual narratives capture the essence of contemporary society. Ms.Rachna

Panda, a seasoned PR Professional associated with Bayer, was celebrated for her strategic communication prowess and industry leadership. Ms.Nisha Sharma, having held the position of Deputy General Manager at SCOPE, was lauded for her significant contributions to the corporate sector. Ms.NirmalBhatnagar, the former Chief General Manager of the National Textile Corporation Ltd., was honored for his distinguished service and dedication to the textile industry. Ms.EshaGuha, known for her career contour and professional trajectory, was recognized for her impactful contributions to the professional landscape. Finally, Ms.Manju Acharya, having served as the Public Relations Officer at IRCON International, was acknowledged for her adept management of corporate communications.

Through ‘Naresh Kumar Memorial Awards’, PRSD paid tribute to individuals i.e. Ms.NehaBhatnagar, DGM (PR), EESL, Ms.Sucharita Pradhan, AGM (CC) , RAIL-Tel , and Ms.SukanyaKashyap, Sr Manager , (CC) GAIL , who have made significant contributions to public relations and communication. These awards were jointly presented by Mrs. Prema Priyadarshani, (Wife of Late Shri Naresh Kumar) and Shri SS Rao, CGM, PR, at PFC.

Shri G.S. Bawa , Secretary, Public Relations Society , Delhi; placed on record the Vote of Thanks.

The PRism Awards underscore the PRSD’s commitment to promoting excellence, innovation, and diversity within the field of Public Relations and Communications. By recognizing the accomplishments of women, the PRSD aims to inspire and empower individuals to push boundaries, challenge norms, and contribute to the continued growth and success of the industry. The Public Relations Society, a registered body at Delhi, is a body established by a team of professionals with a vision to promote the recognition of public relations as a profession and its key role in the management of organizations’ business. The society currently boasts over 250 professionals from disciplines such as Media, Corporate Communication, Corporate Affairs, and individuals associated with CPSUs, Government, Public and Private Sectors, Multinationals, Media Educators, as well as veterans of the PR profession.


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