Coal India Limited recently hosted a workshop titled “Exploring New Horizons in Contract Administration & Dispute Resolution” at its headquarters in Kolkata. Mr. P.M. Prasad, Chairman of Coal India, inaugurated the event, stressing the importance of efficient contract administration in cost control, risk management, compliance, and supplier relationship enhancement
During the event, Mr. Vinay Ranjan, Director (Personnel & Industrial Relations) at CIL, underscored the critical role of contract administration in the company’s operational and financial optimization.

Dr. B. Veera Reddy, Director (Technical) at CIL, emphasized the significance of clear and consistent bid documents and advocated for the adoption of various dispute resolution mechanisms such as conciliation, mediation, and negotiation.

Mr. Brajesh Kumar Tripathy, Chief Vigilance Officer at CIL, highlighted the dual nature of public procurement contracts as both commercial and legal transactions, emphasizing the necessity for regular training sessions to ensure officers handling public procurement are well-versed in relevant rules and regulations.

Professors V.K. Unni and Dr. R. Rajesh Babu from IIM Calcutta provided insights into contract administration and dispute resolution, engaging with attendees on various pertinent topics. The event saw virtual participation from CMDs of Coal India’s subsidiary companies and senior officials.


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