The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) successfully executed a daring night rescue operation to save a fisherman who had sustained serious head injury. The fisherman had a bad fall onboard the Indian Fishing Boat (IFB) St Francis due to rough sea conditions about 130 km west of Veraval, Gujarat on the night of May 01, 2024.

ICG received a distress call from the Coast Guard Maritime Rescue Sub Center in Veraval. Responding swiftly, ICG Ship C-153, which was on a surveillance mission at the time, altered its course to aid in the medical evacuation. The ICG successfully evacuated the injured fisherman from the IFB St Francis and promptly transferred him to a medical facility in Veraval for further treatment.

The rescue operation underscores the ICG’s commitment to safeguard precious lives at sea, ensuring the safety & security of all those who venture into maritime waters and stay true to their motto “We Protect” or “वयम् रक्षामः”.


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