In order to organize one-day health camps in the month of March to commemorate the completion of 100 years of Central Hospital of Railways, “Cervical Cancer Screening and Pap Smear Camp” and “Breast Cancer Screening and Mammography Camp” were organized in the Central Hospital premises on March 9. Was organised. The camp was inaugurated by Dr. JP Rawat, Chief Medical Director, North Central Railway. Both the above camps were completed with the courtesy of Chief Medical Director (Administration) Dr. Kalpana Mishra.

In “Breast Cancer Screening and Mammography Camp”, Gynecologist Board Medical Officer Dr. Shalini Singh gave detailed information about mammography test for symptoms, identification and confirmation of breast cancer. Along with this, he also discussed about the causes and treatment of breast cancer and the precautions to be taken to prevent it. Along with this, he appealed to spread awareness about breast cancer in India, especially in rural areas.

The main speaker of “Cervical Cancer Screening and Pap Smear Camp” was Gynecologist Assistant Divisional Medical Officer Dr. Vidya. He gave information about the identification, treatment and prevention of uterine cancer in women. He also told about the “Pap Smear” test to detect this disease.He also gave detailed information about the human papilloma virus responsible for uterine cancer and its infection. He told that in case of suspicion of the disease, appropriate treatment should be taken immediately with the advice of a qualified and trained doctor and uterine cancer can be avoided through vaccination.

On this occasion, 17 patients were examined by Molbio Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. (a leader in portable point of care diagnostic devices) in the Breast Cancer Screening and Cervical Cancer Camp with the state-of-the-art A.I. (AI) based thermallytics machine and its Also, 20 cervical cancer patients were successfully screened using TruNat RT-PCR.

Medical Director of the Central Hospital, Dr SK Handu advised people to be aware of the above cancers, get the recommended vaccinations and get tested at regular intervals.

On this occasion, Additional Chief Medical Director Dr. Manju Lata Handu, Additional Chief Medical Director Dr. S.S. Nayak, Additional Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. Reena Aggarwal, Divisional Medical Officer Dr. Nupur, Divisional Medical Officer Dr. Anurag were also present in the camp and shared their knowledge and experience. Shared with people.

In organizing the camp, Chief Cooperative Society President Mrs. Sita Rani Gupta, Mrs. Ritu Masih, Senior Cooperative President Mrs. Sumanti, Mr. Yuva Jain, Chief Association Mr. Prince Senior Association Mr. Scientist Kumar, Health Promoter Mr. Shravan Kumar played an important role.


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