Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited committed to India’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat Initiative with its Coal Gasification Technology BHEL has pioneered the development of indigenous coal gasification technology and has entered into a strategic partnership with Coal India Limited (CIL), which aims to reduce India’s dependence on imported high-end chemicals and enhance the country’s energy security by utilizing abundantly available domestic coal. Key highlights of BHEL’s coal gasification initiative: Demonstrated production of Methanol at India’s first Coal-to-Methanol (CTM) plant, showcasing indigenous gasification technology’s prowess. Intending to set up a commercial-sized 2000 TPD Ammonium Nitrate plant through gasification of High Ash Indian Coal, with CIL. Promoting alternate utilization of domestic coal through gasification. BHEL’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions demonstrates its leadership in driving India’s transition to a self-reliant energy future.


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