BEML LTD. Is dedicated to achieving more than 100% energy efficiency and ensuring sustainability throughout its operations. At BEML, we are fully committed to enhancing our planet’s health through a range of environmental endeavors. Here’s a glimpse of our initiatives:

Greenery Promotion Campaign:
Over time, BEML Ltd. has invested ₹20 lakh in planting and distributing saplings. In Bengaluru, we’ve transformed 100 acres into a thriving green haven, fostering biodiversity with butterflies, birds, and insects. Additionally, we’ve developed an eco-park at KGF, featuring 7,700 plants and achieving a remarkable 90% survival rate.

Promotion of Renewable Energy:
BEML LTD. has implemented 23 MW of windmill projects and 250KWp solar power units, fulfilling 94% of our energy requirements with clean energy sources, resulting in an annual reduction of 24 tons of carbon emissions.

Transition to LED Lighting:
BEML Ltd. has replaced all office light fixtures in our corporate office with LED lighting and is gradually implementing this change across our other facilities. Furthermore, we’ve established bio-gas plants in KGF and Bangalore, with plans for additional facilities in Mysore and Palakkad.

Water Conservation Efforts:
In KGF, BEML LTD. has revitalized lakes and ponds in the Kolar district, facilitating rainwater harvesting and groundwater replenishment. We’ve also installed rainwater harvesting systems at BEML Nagar and other sites to conserve water resources and prevent soil erosion.

Promotion of Eco-Friendly Products:
BEML LTD. has introduced “Make in India” products like the 180T electric excavator and 150T and 190T dump trucks, thus reducing the carbon footprint of mining activities. Additionally, we supply construction equipment equipped with BSIV compliant engines.

Elimination of Single-Use Plastics:
BEML facilities have pledged to eliminate single-use plastics, striving to establish ‘No-Plastic Zones’ across all campuses.

Effective Waste Management:
At the Mysore Complex, BEML LTD. supports local authorities by cleaning Brindavan Gardens and collecting approximately 5 tonnes of waste daily. Moreover, our KGF facility features a 500 KLD sewage treatment plant that recycles water for irrigation, contributing to a cleaner environment.

BEML’s proactive efforts in environmental conservation and sustainability underscore our commitment to preserving the planet. By spearheading these initiatives, we aim to inspire others to embrace greener practices and contribute to a more sustainable future.


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