Apollo Tyres has announced a significant partnership with NATRAX, a leading
provider of testing and validation services, to establish the first of its kind test track in India,
specifically designed to validate tyres for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and low rolling resistance
tyres. This collaboration aims to provide a dedicated testing facility for EV manufacturers,
enabling them to test and validate cut and chip resistance of tyres.
Evaluating cut and chip resistance of tyres is crucial for EVs due to their unique
characteristics, such as regenerative braking and high-speed acceleration. The facility will
also evaluate cut and chip resistance of fuel-efficient tyres (Star label programme).
While inaugurating the facility at NATRAX, Dr Hanif Qureshi, Additional Secretary, Ministry of
Heavy Industries, Government of India, emphasised the importance of sustainable mobility.
He attributed the track facilities at NATRAX to the Govt of India’s commitment to growth of
the automotive industry, and addition of the new track is a significant step forward in the
country’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ initiative, which aims to promote self-sufficiency and
reduce dependence on imports, thereby fostering a more self-reliant India.
Satish Sharma, President, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA), Apollo Tyres Ltd,
underscored the company’s unwavering commitment in providing exceptional products to
customers worldwide. By investing in cutting-edge testing facility, Apollo Tyres demonstrates
its dedication to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. The facility will enable the
company to fast-track development of tyres for OEMs, in particular for EVs, and low rolling
resistance tyres, specifically designed for the Indian roads, taking into account the country’s
unique road conditions and climate.

Dr Manish Jaiswal, Director of NATRAX, highlighted the significance of NATRAX test tracks,
which is a one-of-a-kind world-class facility. He stressed that the newly constructed unique
cut and chip test track, built in close partnership with Apollo Tyres, added feathers to NATRAX
facility. He also stated that this track is available for passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle
original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and tyre manufacturers. It marks another
significant milestone in NATRAX’s transformation into a global hub for automotive testing.
Daniele Lorenzetti, Chief Technology Officer, Apollo Tyres Ltd commented, “This test track is
uniquely designed to validate tyres in a consistent manner by mimicking real world
conditions with split mu surfaces and gradients. This test track will help to reduce product
development time, allowing Apollo Tyres to bring new products to market faster and more
efficiently. This is a critical advantage in today’s fast-paced and competitive market.
Furthermore, the joint development of this testing capability aligns with Apollo Tyres’ Electric
Vehicle (EV) product journey for both domestic and international markets.”


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